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Daniel Heath
Daniel Heath, P. Eng.

Curtin University of Technology - Civil and Construction Engineering - First Class Honors - Top Final Year Student

Professional Development
  • EPIC - Diagnosing Defects in Aging Concrete Structures and Developing Effective Repair Solutions - Sept 2016
  • ASCE - The Role of the Specialty Engineering in Wood Truss Design - May 2016
  • Armtec - Geosythetics & MSE Walls - Apr 2016
  • ASCE - Understanding Firewall Basics - Apr 2016
  • ASCE - Glulam and CLT - Apr 2016
  • ASCE - Design Snow Loads for Solar Paneled Roofs - Apr 2016
  • ASCE - Structural Building Condition Surveys - Apr 2016
  • TechoMetalPost - Helical Pile Foundations - Mar 2016
  • NRC - Alberta Construction Codes Seminar - Oct 2015
  • EPIC - Structural Design for Lateral Loads and Stability - Feb 2015
  • GIC - Industrial Ground Bearing Concrete Slabs - Apr 2014
  • EPIC - Structural Design of Industrial Buildings - Apr 2014
  • EPIC - Planning, Design and Rehab of Bridges - Apr 2014
  • EPIC - A Review of Urban Drainage and Stormwater Management - Mar 2014
  • ASCE - Foundations for Metal Building Systems - Oct 2012
  • GIC - Foundation Design Workshop - Feb 2012
Who we are

Heath Engineering Limited is a full service engineering design firm specializing in structural engineering for commercial and industrial bulidings and land development.

Our team has experience in structural engineering, civil engineering, construction and project management.

Check out our Services page for our full range of services.

Why Choose Us
  • Innovation: Many of our staff come from a construction background and realize that many good ideas come from the field. We are open to alternate or new ideas.

  • Experience: We have significant construction and design experience so we are able to foresee issues and provide more economical and practical designs.

  • On-going support: We are commited to on-going support to our clients.

  • Local: Based out of Calgary, we operate primarily in Alberta, Canada.

  • Comprehensive Service: We have experience through the whole design process from concept drawings to final design.

  • Contacts: We have good working relations with many other professionals and contractors.

  • Insured: We are fully insured.

  • Professionalism: We carry out our work in a timely, professional and economoical manner.

  • Repeat business: The majority of our business is from repeat clients.


Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta