Heath Engineering Ltd - Structural Engineers Calgary

New Building and Renovation Design

We have experience in the following types of structural design:
  • Steel structures - Conventional and pre-engineered
  • Concrete foundations - Piled or spreadfooting
  • Masonry walls
  • Wood structures
  • Steel stud design (cold formed steel framing)
  • Pre-engineered building steel review
We have extensive experience with office, commerical and industrial buildings whether it is a renovation, extension or new construction.

Construction Reviews

We provide site review services for buildings designed by engineers that are not local to Calgary.

Land Rezoning and Development

Heath Engineering specializes in land development for residential subdivisions and condominiums. We can take a project from agricultural land to zoned and serviced land ready for development. See our Projects page for some of our recent developments.

Structural Review/Due Diligence Assessments

For peace of mind Heath Engineering Ltd can provide an objective anaysis of your building's structural condition and highlight any areas of concern. If necessary we are also able to provide a repair procedure for any significant issues found.

Building Repair

Heath Engineering's structural engineers will assess any building structural damage, determine correct repair procedure and oversee repair to ensure that your building performs as intended.

Shoring Design

Often required during renovations or repairs, temporary shoring allows the permanent structure of a building to be safely modified. Heath Engineering will work with you to identify shoring requirements for the safety of project personnel.

Guardrail Design

Heath Engineering can provide shop drawings for various types of glass guard rail systems as required by many jurisdictions.

Tank Foundations

Heath Engineering can design tank foundation and required support structure whether the tank is vertical or horizontal.

Permanent Wood Foundations

We inspect permanent (or preserved) wood foundations.

See the Projects page for examples of our work.

Contact us at (403) 984 2524 and let us help you with your project or problem.